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International trade
Foreign Trade is continuously evolving and becoming more globalized. With today┬┤s communications systems, doing business with foreign countries should be easier. However, with sophisticated tools come sophisticated challenges and the need for local experts to deal with the many intricacies in each country and in each specific sector, is becoming more apparent.
 By providiing a comprehensive range of services, our Partners and Associates have assisted and represented foreign companies in their  business efforts for more than 20 years
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Legal Services
Legal aspects of doing international business also include labor and tax assistance.
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We provide assistance throughout the whole value chain of the energy sector, whether oil, natural gas, electric power and renewables.  
Mexico is among the top oil producers in the world. Oil and gas exploration and production is controlled by the state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).  However, despite falling oil production, with recent discoveries Mexico may become again one of the most important exporters of crude in the world. 
The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has the mandate to supply electric power to the whole country. Main sources of generation are oil, hydro, natural gas, coal and one nuclear plant.
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